Into The Woods Small Animal Forage Box


Into The Woods 🍏🌳

A tasty box of forage to boost the health of your small animals using 100% eco conscious ingredients. This forage box is a fantastic immune system booster!


Nettle leaf ~ Immune system booster supporting the urinary tract, high in fibre to aid digestive and oral health.

Linden leaves ~ Anti Spasmodic, Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal. A fantastic natural forage to support the digestive system. Also stops stomach cramps in their tracks!

Birch Leaves ~ Anti Inflammatory, helps keep the bladder moving and can even provide natural pain relief.

Apple Chew Sticks ~ Perfect for keeping small animals teeth healthy. Promotes natural foraging behaviours and gives them something healthy to gnaw!

Dried Apple ~ Organic, Cornish & perfect for keeping your small animal teeth in good shape

Available in 50g and 100g

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