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Snuggly Blanket

Please add in the notes section of your order whether you’d like pink or blue fleece and then choose a pattern from the pictures shown for your cotton side.

Also suitable for Guinea Pigs and other small animals. Perfect for new kittens and puppies to bring the scent of their mummy home.

The blanket is made with 1 side a cosy, warm fleece and 100% cotton on the other side. The standard Snugglys are left open at one side (traditionally used for Guinea Pigs to snuggle inside) but could also be used to line a box or bedding area. Perfect to keep carriers warm for vet visits or bringing your new pet home.

Ideal for grooming purposes too!

Let your pet snuggle safely with a cosy Snuggle Bunny from Little Piglets

Worldwide delivery available

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