Little Piglets Summer Forage Lollipop Picnic Bundle for Rabbits Guinea Pigs and all Small Animals


Shipping to United States: $35.46

Little Piglets Summer Lollipop Forage Box

Contents includes:

• Blackberry leaves (contains cooling properties to cool down pets in the heat)
• Dandelion and marigold flowers
• 3 x Strawberry & Rose Petal ‘lollipops’ with chew safe reed sticks
• 3 x Lavender, Blueberry & Blue Cornflower ‘lollipops’ with chew safe reed sticks

Sent in a beautifully packaged letterbox forage box direct to your door (or send to a friend!)

Suitable for all small animals ~ we recommend supervision of the lollipops and suggest removal of the reed sticks when not under supervision for safety

We deliver to UK, US and Canada

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